3 Vital Tips on How to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

One of the most well-liked ways to unwind, hot tubs can be used by a single person or a large group of people. Most individuals believe that frequenting a spa would improve their overall quality of life. Even though hot tubs are meant to be relaxing, cloudy water can make people nervous and ruin their experience.

Proper Ways to Maintain a Hot Tub

Hot tubs require regular maintenance to ensure the safety of those using them, their components’ longevity, and the water’s quality. Knowing how to keep a hot tub in good condition and maintain a spa maintenance routine is essential. This, together with regular hot tub water maintenance, can significantly lessen your likelihood of developing hot tub rash or exposure to harmful chemicals.

The information in this maintenance guide for hot tubs will help keep your hot tub in good working order.

Purchase the Proper Cover

After making the initial investment in a hot tub, your next step should be to search for a sturdy cover that will keep it safe from the elements. The spa cover you choose should be tailored to your current weather conditions. A hot tub cover with a slanted top is necessary if you reside in an area that experiences a lot of snow and rain.

This will assist you in avoiding damaging it needlessly over the year, extending its useful life.  Covers for hot tubs are commonly sold along with the tubs themselves, so you can buy one confidently from a store that specializes in selling Canadian hot tubs.

Maintain Good Hot Tub Circulation

Water in a hot tub regularly circulated via cartridge filters can be kept clean and free of impurities. Your spa may feature a built-in automatic circulation schedule that guarantees it runs once or twice daily, depending on the model. The water in your tub will be recirculated for 15–20 minutes (or more) throughout these cycles, allowing ample time for the filters to clean the water.

If your hot tub doesn’t have an automatic cycle, running the pump for 15 to 20 minutes twice daily will help keep the water clean. You are free to utilize those filters as needed. Using your hot tub regularly is the best way to maintain its cleanliness.

Clean the Spa Filter

The spa filter can be a minor tank assembly accessed from underneath the spa or under the skimmer basket. Before you can clean or replace the filter on your spa or hot tub, you’ll need to find it. Closable valves under the spa can prevent water from gushing out when the filter is opened.

Depending on how often you use your spa, replace the filter every six to twelve months. Cartridges wear out after around ten or fifteen uses; thus, replacing them at that interval is recommended. As it is washed more and more, the fibers become less tightly bound and less effective at capturing dirt. If you need more expert advice on taking care of your tubs, click here.

The Takeaway

Hot tub maintenance is easy and fast when you follow these instructions, and you’ll have less to do each time you clean the tub if you stick to your regular cleaning routine. If you feel up to the challenge of doing the more involved hot tub maintenance tasks, or if you need more time, service specialists are available to help.

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