5 Ways to Improve Your Range Shooting

Range shooting can be pretty intimidating for first-timers. There are so many points to bear in mind, like how to hold a gun, where to shoot, and all the other safety requirements that you need to know prior to entering the shooting range. However, once you know the basics, it will be easier for you to focus on how to improve your shooting skills. When you put in enough work, you’ll be pleasantly stunned with your progress.

Tips on improving your shooting skills

Going to the shooting range frequently will allow you to be much more comfortable with firearms and refine your aim and overall shooting skills. To enhance your skills at range capturing, you have to be mindful of your technique. It can be a little overwhelming in the beginning, but it will get much easier when you learn as you go. Below are some easy tips to take note of to put you on the right track. Take these with you the next time you go shooting.

Get Familiar With Your Weapon

Experience goes a long way. Understanding the way your weapon works is vital as soon as you enter the shooting range. It’s a good idea to invest in your own weapon so that you can spend enough time mastering the controls until it becomes second nature to you. Testing out a new gun is best done at the shooting range, like the MVRRC shooting range in Nova Scotia, so it is ideal to visit it frequently. Aside from investing in your own weapon, it would also be good for you to buy your own safety and protective gear, such as eye and ear protection.

Practice Your Trigger Pull

You may not realize it, but the way you pull the trigger can hugely influence your overall shooting. It’s best to do your own technical research and read up on the various techniques you can apply when pulling the trigger. Normally, you would want a firm and stable grip when you shoot for you to avoid flinching and jerking and also for you to shoot straight. By continuously exercising your trigger pull, you’re on the right track to having a great aim and shooting straight.

Have a Good Stance

Similar to the trigger pull, having a great position can heavily impact your ability to shoot straight and also hit the target. When you’re new at the range, try applying the basics of a good shooting stance, especially if you’re a beginner. This would include your feet being shoulder-width apart, with your left foot slightly more forward than your right foot. Although advanced shooters have different positions, this would be a great way for you to start and practice.

Try Some Dry Fire Shooting

You do not always need to have your gun loaded when you practice. Shooting without the bullet is a great way to strip down to the basics: your trigger pull, stance, and also aim all at once. This is also for you to make sure that your mechanics are well in place before using up a lot of ammunition when shooting. It would also be good for you to set up a dummy target for you to be able to practice your aim. Practicing with a longbow, a compound bow or a crossbow is also a great way to perfect your shooting technique.

Practice Makes Perfect

As they say, practice makes perfect. To be better at range shooting, you need to do it repeatedly.  Do not get discouraged if you do not get it right the first couple of times. You may not see your improvements immediately, but good practice will add up, and your skills and abilities will steadily improve. Frequenting gun clubs, like the Musquodoboit gun club, to practice will definitely benefit your overall performance.


Range shooting is not always easy in the beginning. There are a lot of precautionary steps to take before and during the shooting. However, keeping in mind these basic tips will enable you to ease right into the shooting range and improve your overall abilities. The trick is to be knowledgeable about your gun and its mechanisms and never quit practicing. With enough practice, time, and effort, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve improved at the shooting range.

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