Advice on Bathing Your Puppy: When Should I Bathe My Pet?

It’s essential to think about your dog’s breed, activity level, and overall health when you decide the frequency of bathing your dog. Dogs who spend lots of time outdoors and romping around in mud must be cleaned frequently. However, knowing the frequency of washing those paws do not get into contact with dirt can be challenging.

What Are the Factors That Determine How Often Dogs Bathe?

Most healthy dogs only need an occasional bath once per month if they don’t become dirty between baths. Regular grooming is essential to eliminate debris and lessen the possibility of tangles and matting; certain breeds can go longer without washing. While washing your dog, you can feel any unusual bumps or sores that could indicate an underlying health issue.

Underlying Skin Condition

Animals suffering from skin allergies or allergic issues may require to be regularly bathed with a medicated shampoo. In such cases, the ideal time for cleaning your dog will be determined by instructions provided by your vet. Skin irritations in dogs may benefit from regular bathing using an anti-irritation shampoo. Dogs who do not respond well to medications for oral or topical parasites might require frequent bathing to keep ticks and fleas away. Consult your nearest veterinary hospital, like Broad Street Veterinary Hospital, for more information.

Coat Type

The frequency your dog will need a bath depends on the coat’s condition. If you’d like to keep your dog’s long hair from becoming dirty and caught with its fur, you’ll have to wash them at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. Pets with coarser fur typically do better with lesser frequent bathing. The only exception is light-colored coats that are more prone to dirt and require regular cleaning to avoid discoloration. Hairless breeds require regular bathing because they lack the protection from the sun that a coat gives. Pets with oily skin benefit from bathing more frequently to reduce the oil buildup on their skin. Feel free to visit websites like for grooming needs.

Recommended Products

Dogs require a special shampoo; therefore, don’t put human shampoo on them. The aim is to ensure that your dog’s coat is healthy and clean afterward, but you don’t want to strip natural oils from their coats and skins or cause skin irritations due to the products you select. If you need to bathe your pet more than once a month, apply a moisturizing shampoo for your dog and then follow with a moisturizing dog conditioner to help replace your pet’s natural moisture. 

If your pet’s skin is irritable, it is essential to be cautious about what you use on your pet’s skin. Consult your vet if you require assistance or book on this page when deciding on the right doggy shampoo to apply to your pet.


Bath time is something that many dogs despise. Dogs are playful creatures, so for busy days and hectic schedules, you can always opt for vet clinics that offer bathing and grooming services. With the help of trusted vets and groomers, you won’t have to worry about keeping your dog’s cleaner, fluffier, and more energized. Making bath time entertaining, in addition to consistency, is a terrific approach to making bath time a happy part of your dog’s day.

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