New Pet Parent: Follow These Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Educating yourself on dog care is essential before welcoming one into your home. It has physical and emotional needs that you must meet. Taking up the responsibility of a dog is a huge commitment. That being said, the pieces of advice in this article should make it easier to bond deeply with your new best buddy.

The Vital Doggy Care for Your Pet

Being a responsible dog owner involves more than just providing nutritious food and medical care when necessary. It’s about ensuring your dog has a comfortable and healthy home life. If you want a healthy, happy dog, here are the basics of dog care you need to know.

Don’t Overfeed Them

The number of overweight canines is rising rapidly over the world. Various health issues can arise in overweight dogs, including metabolic irregularities, cardiovascular disease, muscle and joint ailments, and a compromised immune system. 

They can’t move around as freely as they’d want and thus miss out on many fun physical activities like playing and running. Don’t give in to your pet’s pleading puppy dog eyes; instead, provide them with the amount of food the vet prescribes. 

Make a “Pet First Aid” Kit

As a good fur parent, you should always have the supplies necessary to care for your dog in an accident or emergency. This is crucial in extreme situations when you and your dog are out in the wilderness. Every caring canine parent needs to have a basic first aid kit on hand. 

Furthermore, in case of an emergency with your pet, you should have the number of an emergency veterinarian from a high-quality animal hospital handy.

Microchipping Your Pet Is Nonnegotiable

Your responsibility as a pet owner is to ensure your animal companion can be quickly and easily identified. You can prevent your pet from ever becoming lost by taking precautions like putting identification tags on their collars or investing in GPS tracking technology.

Even the most careful pet owner runs the risk of their animal friend going missing at some point. It’s surprisingly common, and while things like collars, tags, and GPS trackers can help, a microchip is a best and most permanent way to ensure your pet is safe if it ever gets lost.

Vet Visits Are a Must

Your pet needs to see a reliable local veterinarian at least once a year for a checkup to guarantee that they remain healthy. Get your pet fully vaccinated to protect them from potentially fatal infections. On top of that, your pet’s health is also affected by having clean teeth and good gums. 

A trip to a veterinarian or animal hospital that provides emergency vet care for dogs is necessary if your pet shows any typical disease symptoms.

Give Them Lots of Exercises

Dogs require regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight, sharpen their intellect, and burn excess energy. Factors including a dog’s breed, sex, age, and health all play a role in determining how much exercise they need. 

Dogs with plenty of exercises are less likely to become bored and exhibit destructive behavior. Your pet’s natural drives to dig, herd, chew, retrieve, and chase can be satisfied through supervised play.

The Bottom Line

Finally, remember that information is your strength. Learn as much as you can about canine care in general and your dog’s breed before bringing it home. The more you learn, the more prepared you’ll be to provide your dog with a happy and healthy life.

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