Pet Health

Ensuring Pet Safety While You Are Away

When you have a pet, you should prioritize their health and safety since they are entirely dependent on you for everything, including their protection. If you are a pet owner, you most likely experience anxiety at the thought of leaving your animal companion alone at home. 

The majority of individuals who work full-time have to leave their pets at home alone for long stretches of time. If you can make sure your dogs are as safe as possible while you are at work or out on the town, you will feel better about leaving them alone.

Keeping Our Pets Safe

When left alone, pets may be a catastrophe waiting to happen. You worry about your pet wreaking chaos in the home, being stolen, or doing something terrible while you are away. To keep you less worried and keep your pet safe while you’re away, here are five tips that we recommend.

1. Surveillance Systems

You’ll feel safer knowing that you’ve installed surveillance cameras at key points of access and departure. The video stream may be linked to your mobile device, allowing you to check in on your pet from time to time. 

If you intend on spending the holidays away from home, you may not be allowed to bring your pet with you. Surveillance cameras may serve as a deterrent, or they can aid in investigating a break-in and the capture of the intruders.

To be certained that your pet is well taken care of, you can also schedule a visit to facilities like Fine Animal Hospital to monitor and ensure your pet’s well-being.

2. Pet Sitter

Ask a responsible neighbor to watch your pets while you’re gone. The camera might be your eyes and ears. But if something happens and your pet needs help right away, a reliable neighbor is your hands and feet. Your neighbors may safeguard your pets from fires and other calamities.

Pet sitters are also recommended. This is every pet owner’s first thought when they need care. You’re unsure whether your young or senior pet can handle your absence. Find a pet sitter to care for him while you’re away. And make sure to emphasize the importance of oral health in pets while you are away. Regular visits to the pet dentist should always be observed.

3. Kitchen-Proof Home

In the same way that children can reach your kitchen cupboards, pets may do the same. For your pet’s own safety, you should never leave your pet alone in the kitchen at any time. Tripping over boiling liquids, swallowing poisonous things like detergents, and setting accidental fires are all risks in the kitchen. When you leave your pet alone, make sure the kitchen area is inaccessible.

If disaster strikes and your pet figured out an accident that needs surgery, you can search online by typing in “veterinary surgeon near me” in your search bar. Their expertise can make a difference when it comes to the treatment of your pet’s injury.

4. Train Your Pet

As soon as you can, begin allowing your pet to spend time alone at home if you don’t have other options. Determine a specific area, room, or sector of the house that will serve as your pet’s territory. Keep your pet’s habitat safe and comfortable by removing any potential dangers. 

Discouraging destructive behaviors in your pet and preventing him from escaping the house may be accomplished by teaching him to spend time in an area that is calm and comfortable for it. It is recommended that you crate your pets anytime you will be absent for a short time.

5. Separate Pets

Are you the proud owner of more than one pet? Separate the two of them. If you keep your animals in different areas while you’re gone, the risk of them fighting is significantly reduced. If you have a dog and a cat or two dogs, you should keep them apart so that nobody is hurt and the furniture doesn’t get thrown about. 

However, you should limit the amount of rivalry between your dogs if they are inseparable. Offer each item a pair, including two feeding dishes, two resting spaces, and two crates.

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